About the Club

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Parrot Head Club of Maine is to be a volunteer-run social organization that provides support to not-for-profit humanitarian and environmental causes. We offer a variety of fun activities attractive to people with interested in the Parrothead Philosophy.

To carry out this mission, the following objectives are defined:

  • To donate financial and volunteer service in a variety of ways in local communities
  • To address and support humanitarian, environmental and other worthy causes from local to global levels
  • To responsibly and legally provide social interaction opportunities for people who share in the enjoyment of the music of Jimmy Buffett and his passion for fun and life
  • To promote the ideals of the national network of Parrot Head Clubs
  • To uphold guidelines and policies set forth by the national organization and our own Bylaws.

What is the Parrothead Club of Maine?

First organized in 1988, Parrothead Clubs have grown to an international level. Club members come from all different social, educational and economic backgrounds. Most are professionals, and in most cases the average age is between mid-twenties and early forties. From all accounts, most clubs have a average membership of 100, taking into consideration some have alot more and some have alot less. The real beauty of the clubs is that they seem to attract exactly the kind of people that were initially envisioned-people who, through their attraction to Buffett’s music have a number of other interests in common, most importantly the desire to give something back to the communities in which they live.

We are a member of Parrotheads in Paradise (PHIP) which is the national organization of Parrotheads.